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Made for entrepreneurs who
want to build thriving, purpose-driven businesses that respect
the wellbeing of people and the health of the planet.


Entrepreneurs have used the Social Venture Canvas since 2016 to create businesses that have had a positive impact in and on the world. 

The canvas continues to evolve to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and investors that aspire to build businesses that do good and do well. 

Inspired by the Business Model Canvas, validated with social entrepreneurs and impact investors, and published under a creative comms licence. The Social Venture canvas will always be free to download and use. 

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Contact me

If you have any feedback on how the Social Venture Canvas could be improved or would like to discuss how you might use it in your organisation, then please do get in touch by filling out the form below.


Umesh (uMe) Pandya

Thanks, I'll be in touch :)

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